Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Halloween or Christmas in the park?

Sorry guys... no advice from me today. I am asking for your help this time!

Every time my family does Disney it is usually during one of three times of the year; February, March/April during spring break or else September. I have never been fortunate to go when Disney is all decorated for a holiday.

We have been tentatively talking about our next Disney trip for 2014. Its far off still, but the planning and anticipation is half the fun in my books so I enjoy the wait. We want to go off season so that the lines are low and are leaning towards the end of the year so that we can:
(A.) Stay at the Grand Californian with our club points and
(B) Hopefully have warm but not hot weather.

So the question is, do we time it and go when the Halloween/Fall decorations are up, or wait for the Christmas decor?

I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I will be going with very young children and so I wouldn't be taking them to the special Scream themed firework show, onto the Haunted Mansion, etc. However, I do love pumpkins, fall decorations and treats. The trick or treating party would also be pretty cool with toddlers.


We go in November/ Early December when the Christmas decorations are going up. Anyone who knows me at all knows I am obsessed with two things; Disneyland and Christmas. So the idea of sticking the two together blows my mind. But my concern is that the weather would be really cold. Would mid November see much decorations up or a parade yet? Or would we need to wait until early December after American Thanksgiving?

So I have a few questions for any of you who have experienced either or both of these two holidays at the Parks to give me some insight.

* When did you go?
* What was the weather like?
* What were the crowds like?
* What what it extra magical compared to the rest of the year? (events, decor, food, parades)



  1. Did you decide yet when you might go? I can't answer your questions directly, though I will say I have heard that Disneyland is exceptionally magical the first week of December. Crowds are low, decorations are abundant, weather is mild and the holiday spirit is everywhere. Looking forward to hearing your plans!

  2. Haha no we still haven't decided! I am really pushing for Christmas. Others in the group are concerned that the weather would be too cold to enjoy the great pool at Grand Californian (where we plan to stay.) so we haven't gotten any closer to a decision!

    We are a family who loves Christmas! So I'm really hoping to see it in the parks :)

    1. It can be tough to call the weather Nov and Dec. I was just at the parks last weekend and it was too chilly to swim for many.. not what I would have expected for Memorial Day weekend!

  3. That's just it eh... You never know! I for one would be okay with colder weather and not being able to swim (there is still the hottub!) it's more so the rest of my family who like to be in the pool. We are Vancouverites - it'd still be warmer there no matter what!