Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome to my Disney outlet

I may have a small obsession with Disney. My family would probably disagree with my concept of 'small' but whatever you may call it, its there.
Disney parks hold special memories for me. My first family vacation, my first roller coaster, my first time meeting a princess, the list goes on and on.

I have been to Disney eight times now - that includes both Disneyland and Disney World. Not once have I found myself thinking, 'Well this is getting old...'

I know its not like that for everyone (my husband included.) Not everyone walks through those front gates and starts feeling that 'Disney Magic' that I feel. But for me it really is pure magic. The excitement of whats to come takes over and I feel like that little seven year old girl on my first trip. I can't help but smile and be overcome with happiness!

On our last trip a few months ago I was talking to my mom about this 'feeling' and trying to nail down what exactly it is. Its like you are entering a protective bubble. The daily grind of life disappears and you are in a place with infinite possibilities. Princesses and cartoon characters come to life, people are singing happily in the streets, your favorite childhood snacks and smells surround you and the funnest rides are in every single direction. What more could you want on a family vacation?

So I decided I needed an outlet. Somewhere to talk about and share Disney thoughts and memories freely. If you too understand that 'Disney feeling', have experienced 'the magic' or are one day hoping to experience it, join me! Come along for the ride.

I would also love to have guest blogs on here written from others who would like to share their own experiences. So if you have been to Disneyland, Disney World or on a Disney Cruise and are willing to share something, please let me know. Id love to hear from you!

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