Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disney Cruise?

Hubby and I (well, mostly me) are planning our next family vacation for 2014. That's two whole years away, you may say. Yes, but that gives us time to save for it and plan it.

(For those of you who are not cruisers - the best prices are usually when the dates first become availible for purchase - about a year in advance. So you'd put down a deposit in 2013. This also gives you best choice of cabin location and dinner time slot.)

We are strongly leaning towards doing a Disney Alaskan cruise, for several reasons. Here they are.

1. We won't have to fly anywhere.
This is the easiest vacation we can take considering we live in Vancouver. No flying anywhere, no extra day of travel. We simply drive down to the dock (or take a cab) and are on our trip in a matter of 45 minutes. How's that for stress free?

2. Disney caters to young children.
We looked into cruising before with a young child and shot down the idea straight away thinking about our son potentially screaming during dinner or trying to find a place to change his bottom. But with Disney, everyone has young children. They deal with these things all the time and are prepared for it via entertainment, diaper genies and 'dinner in your room' options.

3. Family friendly entertainment.
We have done a few cruises and entertainment on board has been better at some then others. But alot of cruise ships have a very 'Vegas style' form of entertainment. Fine when you are just a couple, but not appropriate for children. Disney cruises have musicals based on their movies, game show nights, Disney movies showing in their theaters and cooking/crafting activities that are meant for families. You just don't have to worry about what your kids will be exposed to, which is a real seller for us.

4. They offer the largest staterooms with seperate bathrooms.
Anyone who has ever been on a cruise knows, the rooms are teeny tiny. Disney gives you more space for your money compared to the other cruise lines and also gives you a seperate tub/shower from your toilet/sink area. Oh, and they are the only cruise line I know of that gives you a tub to bathe your children.

5. They offer discounted rates for kids.
Sometime you'll be lucky and can hit a 'kids sail free' deal (we are really crossing our fingers for the May/June 2014 one) Almost all cruise lines charge full childrens fares for kids 2 and under, which is just ridiculous to me. Why would I pay $600 to bring my 1 year old on a cruise when they don't eat the same food, take up any space, or enjoy any of the entertainmet? You will pay approx. $250-350 for your toddler, depending on the length of the cruise. Much more reasonable.

6. They are the only cruise line offering entertainment for toddlers.
Yep, not only do toddlers get a huge discount on Disney, but they also have things just for them. Cribs, diaper genies and strollers are all availible free of charge during your trip. If your kid doesn't eat solids yet? No problem, they will puree up their chicken dinner. If you want a night out alone with your spouse? No problem, they offer babysitting. Want to take your child in the pool and they aren't potty trained? They have a specific pool just for them! They also have a whole nursery room full of toys and other activities that you can go to with your young child.

I could really go on and on, but those are just a few of the points that have sold me during my research. And yes, they have plenty of entertainment for adults too, like adult only pools, hot tubs, spas and clubs.

If you are interested in joining us on our cruise, shoot me a message. I'd be more then happy to fill you in on our plans :)

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