Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Disney rides that adults love (and are sometimes a little scared of)

As mentioned in a previous post, a lot of people think Disneyland is a place that only has rides for kids. As someone who pretty much goes on any roller coaster and isn't really afraid of heights, I would have to disagree. I know folks who go on a lot and have felt sick coming off a Disney park ride. So I thought I'd share a few of these more stomach turning, adventurous or thrilling rides.

1. Space Mountain (Disneyland CA & Magic Kingdom FL)
One of my personal favourites, though there are many folks who can't handle it since it is completely in the dark. You don't get launched or go upside down, but you don't really have a great idea of what direction you are going. It should be noted that the tracks at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom are slightly different.

2. Aerosmiths Rockin RollerCoaster (Disney Hollywood Studios FL)
Both hubby and I came off this one feeling nauseated. That being said, I did have the flu at the time. This coaster takes a rollercoaster in the dark to another level as it launches you from 0-57 miles an hour in about 3 seconds and takes you upside down and through corkscrews a few times. I find it a benefit that the ride is very very short, so you won't feel queasy for long.

3. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (California Adventure CA & Hollywood Studios FL)
Oh boy... this is one I'm not sure I will ever do again. You are riding a broken elevator that drops you over and over in the dark. Its unpredictable as it changes every time. I was informed after a terrifying ride that there are indeed handles, somewhere. That may have made my experience a little less frightful. Seriously, I shook for 10 minutes after.

4. Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom FL)
This is another personal favourite for me. I rode it three times in a row when we were there. It's just plain fun. You are exploring Everest when you realize that the track in front of you is no more, because it has been broken up by a Yeti. Then you are basically trying to get away from the creature that keeps showing up everywhere. It has some great drops and you go both forwards and backwards.

5.  California Screamin (California Adventure CA)
So good! This is Disneys lengthiest coaster and another where you are launched from 0 to FAST in no time. Lots of ups, downs and you even go upside down all while enjoying a beautiful view of Paradise Pier. I don't know any coaster enthusiast who doesn't enjoy this one.

6. Splash Mountain (Disneyland CA & Magic Kingdom FL)
Bring your ponchos, cause you are gonna get wet! A fantastic log ride with a series of drops (or waterfalls) ending with one really big drop. I don't consider this one scary and considered leaving it out of this post, but I do know people who go on this ride simply because they enjoy the scenery inside the mountain and 'deal with' the drops. So I guess some find it intimidating.

7. Indiana Jones Temple of Doom (Disneyland CA)
My absolute favourite ride out of any of the Disney parks - and fairly tame. This is not a roller coaster, but it is a rather aggressive dark ride that throws you from side to side in your jeep. I'd explain what you see, but I don't want to ruin it. I actually convinced my brothers and mother to go on it once, telling them it's not a coaster so they'd be fine. I was so wrong... and they were not happy with me. So apparently it's a bad one for motion sickness and over stimulation of the senses.

8. Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland CA & Magic Kingdom FL)
You are a passenger on a train gone wild! It has got some great tight turns and quick drops and I highly suggest not eating lunch before going on it. Again, wouldn't call this one all that scary but it is fun. It was my first coaster in Disneyland and I felt it was a good break in for me.

So there you have it; the most popular rides with the adult crowd. Please remember to get fast passes for these attractions because they tend to have the longest lines. If you don't know what a fast pass is or how to get them, read my blog on them here. Oh, and there are height and health restrictions for all of them.

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