Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Switching Gears: Disney for adults vs Disney with toddlers

Disneyland with toddlers. This very sentence strikes fear into many parents hearts and emits a reply of, "oh no! Why on earth would you want to do that!?"

I wrote a post all about how to best do Disney with babies after our last trip. You can find that locatedHERE.
This time, I am mentally preparing myself for Disney with toddlers. And not just one toddler, but two. Whew, I feel tired already.
This time we will have to be prepared for children who may actually have an opinion on where they want to go (or, quite simply, WILL go whether I follow or not - cause they'll be mobile!) They will be eating regular meals, are guaranteed to have melt downs and may be too old to sleep in the stroller.

Thankfully, when we plan for a Disney trip we are able to allow for lots of time. At least a full week and a 5 day pass to explore the two parks. We plan for afternoons back at the hotel and one or two pool days to catch up on sleep.

But I am realizing that this trip specifically will really be all about the kids. What hubby and I want to do will probably be put on the back burner for the most part. It means maybe only hitting up our favorite coasters once during the week. It means spending a lot of our time in Fantasyland riding children's rides. And it means a lot of schmoozing and photo opportunities with our children's favorite characters.

I'm pretty sure I'm okay with that though. Out of seven trips to Disney, my favorite so far was the last one we took with our 7 month old son. Seeing his reaction to parades and the different characters he met were the highlights of my entire trip. And I think that's only going to get better!

So as sad as I might be to not drop everything and rush into the Indiana Jones ride when it only has a 10 minute wait, I greatly look forward to all the random little magical moments we'll have as a family.

And besides... There's always Nana ;)

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