Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disney Pixars BRAVE

Tonight I went out and saw Brave with pretty much my entire family. Parents, brothers, grandmother... but not my husband. He stayed home with our little one so I could go enjoy (and to be honest... he was perfectly fine with that.)

Overall I really liked the film and would definitely recommend it; especially to those who are Disney lovers to begin with. I'll do a little break down of what I did and didn't like and you can take from it what you will.

- The scenery! It is an absolutely beautiful movie and seeing it in 3D is a MUST.
- The music. Totally fit the movie and got me in the mood. Of course, being of Scottish decent myself I may be biast.
- The 'whisps' Can't really describe what they are to you without you seeing them, but they were really cool.
- Meridas little brothers. They were comical and adorable at the same time.
- Merida herself (of course.) I mean come on, that is one awesome Princess! I found myself thinking how cool it'll be to get a picture with her in Disneyland next trip :)

Didn't like:
- I heard this before and I understand where it comes from now. It almost felt like two different stories in a way. The first half is all about Scotland and how things are done and a tournament to win the princesses hand and then all of a sudden the story totally changes gears. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different.
- The mother 'bear' thing. Yes, I realize this is one of the whole main plots but it just through me for a loop as I hadn't read up on the full story ahead of time. I wish I had known about that so I could have been more prepared. It was all very heartwarming in the end though. I cried!

And I have one thing that fits on both the liked and disliked side and that is that I wanted the story to keep going! I wanted to know what was going to happen to Merida next. Is there a BRAVE 2 in our future?

Guess I'll just have to ask her next time I visit Disney...

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