Monday, July 2, 2012

My favourite Disney snacks

Whenever I go to a Disney park there are a few 'must have' treats that I enjoy participating in. These are the items that I would highly encourage you to try for yourself.
And yes, these are all junkfood that we probably shouldnt be eating in the first place...

At the top of my list - Disney gummies! I know what you are thinking. Arent they just overpriced gummy bears? No! Not only are they in the shape of multitple Disney characters, but the flavors are better then most gummies I have ever tasted. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Next? Mmm Mickey Ice cream sandwhich. Chocolatey crust and cookies n cream flavor inside. All around tasty goodness.

Also - the Mickey Mouse Lollipops. Yes, they are kind of hard to properly suck on until those giant ears shrink down a bit. But there is just something so fun about walking around the park with one of these.

A Mouse Planet photo

Another recently found love is the Disneyland hot chocolate bought from a street kiosk. Nice sweet chocolate flavor and perfect for sipping during a parade during the colder days at the park.

These are my favourites - what are yours?

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