Thursday, June 14, 2012

Disney Dining - Disneyland

Another question I have been getting lately is where to eat in the parks. I am far from an expert when it comes to this topic as we aren't huge on spending money on dining, but I will share with you my experiences. I have compiled a list of where we've eaten at both Disneyland & California Adventure and will split the posts for each park. I will also add a few places I hope to check out on future trips.

Let me start by explaining that there are different types of dining at Disney. There is sit down dining, typical order from a menu and have a waiter service. Counter service, where you will order at a window, receive your food then sit at one of the many tables available. Or there are kiosks, where you will pick what you want from a shelf or tray, pay for it and then find a bench close by to eat at.

So, lets start with Disneyland.

Bengal BBQ - Adventureland
Oh my mouth is watering just thinking about it...
Bengal BBQ is a counter service offering beef, chicken and veggies skewers. They are about $4.00 each and as tasty as they are, you wont be filled up on just one. I suggest ordering a Mickey Pretzel at $3.50 to go with and making it a lunch meal.

Golden Horseshoe - Frontierland
This is a do not miss for us. Not just for the food, but because of the entertainment (Billy Hill & the Hillbillies) that goes with it. I have heard rumour that they may be relocating to another location in the park, so be sure to check out the daily entertainment schedule when you are there.
Golden Horseshoe is a counter service. They serve Chicken strips and fries, fish and chips and chicken salads all for around $9.00 They also have a wonderful dessert menu. My family has tried all three of the main entrees here and they have all been fantastic! Let me just add that the favorite is probably the chicken strips.

Hungry Bear Restaurant - Critter Country
We ate at this counter service twice on our last visit. We love that it is situated on a deck overlooking Rivers of America and Tom Sawyers island. You can eat your meal while you watch the Mark Twain Riverboat or Sailing Ship Columbia pass by. Or sit on the bottom level and watch the ducks swimming ride by you.
The menu offers sandwiches, burgers and salads for around $10.00 Meals come with yam fries instead of regular. Personally I love their Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Big Al's Chicken Salad.

Redd Rockett's Pizza Port - Tomorrowland
This counter service was closed on my last trip, which was a shame because I sure love their Spaghetti (or shall I say, Mars-inara with Meteoric Meatballs.)
Its my go to place for pasta (around $9.00), pizza (around $7.00) or salads (around $9.00) The foods nothing special, but its tasty if you want to get away from burgers and chicken.

What I still want to check out...

Blue Bayou - New Orleans Square
Sit down dining, reservations suggested. The coolest thing about this restaurant is that it is actually inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. From your table in a dimly lit area, you can watch as passengers float off into the darkness on their adventure. I also here the food is wonderful. They serve chicken, steak, ribs, salmon and jambalaya serves mostly with potatoes and veggies at around $30.00-$35.00 a person. Personally, I see this as a 'date' location and not somewhere I would take my kids (kids are however, quite welcome.)

Big Thunder Ranch BBQ - Frontierland
Sit down dining, reservations suggested. I hear very good things about this place, but again have never experienced it. As the name suggests, its BBQ style food, chicken and ribs with all the fixins! Its priced at $25.00 per adult and $10.00 per child. I heard there is often live music during your dinner as well.

I will try to do another blog with the California Adventure dining in the next week or two.
Thats all I got folks, hope I've helped.


  1. Pretty much spot on with the restaurants from my perspective. Billy Hill plays at the Big Thunder Ranch festival area the two days a week they are not at the Golden Horseshoe (I believe its Tues and Wed). This will only be for the busy summer months. The Billies don't work 7 days a week as there a few combinations of Billies. I agree, though kids are welcome, I would not recommend the Blue Bayou for families with small children. It's pretty dark in there and the tables are very close together, not conducive family dining. I would say reservations are mandatory most of the year. Big Thunder Ranch may be a touch on the expensive side (what isn't in Disneyland?) but it is the one place that is basically all you can eat for bigger appetites. Lunch is about $5 cheaper for adults (they leave out the corn and sausage that are served during the dinner hours).

    Safari Skewer from the Bengal BBQ - a must for me. If you are a spicy foods fan, the jalapeno cream cheese pretzel fills you up nicely with the skewer.

  2. just sent off a request to the boyfriend
    I really want to eat at the Blue Bayou!!!
    thats sooo cool
    and the menu has me drooling!