Friday, June 22, 2012

Magical Moments

A magical Disney Moment.

Now this picture comes with a funny story.
Matt and I were on a 'date' night while the grandparents took care of our 7 month old son back at the hotel. It was the end of the evening and we were heading out of the park. While walking we spotted Chip n Dale hanging out with not many around so we decided to get a picture with them. They  immediately started goofing off and moving us into strange positions trying to get us to do something. We could not figure out what it was they wanted us to do until they pushed us together and started blowing kisses. "Oh, you want us to kiss?" we asked. They nodded their heads and got the now building audience to clap and cheer us on. So we kissed, and when we looked back at the picture we saw that they had covered their ears and eyes so that they couldn't see or hear it. TOO CUTE!

Chip and Dale are always a blast to be around.

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